Hammered Flower Mask

The Hammered flower mask is an ode to summer flowers blooming, birds singing, relaxing in the early morning breeze while the world goes by..and though it isn't conventional but rather wearing botanical art imprinted with the natural pigmentation of flowers.. if you wash it it may wash out the floral pigmentation or dyes. Alas, there are other ways to sterilize this mask like throwing it into a hot dryer or ironing it. The natural imprint will fade after some time and can be re-printed, besides nothing lasts forever.
Each mask is one-of-a-kind.
This mask is 100% Organic Cotton Jersey and lined with a lightweight cotton filter pocket for adding a filter of your choice or add one of my custom made Organic Bamboo Hemp fabric reusable/washable filters when they’re re-stocked. Each mask has a flat but flexible coated aluminum nose bridge sewn at the center for stay support and super soft picot elastic for ear straps.
Each mask will vary in floral patterns and botanicals. Every mask is hand made with love and protection🌿⚔️🌿made to order while supplies last.